What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental health condition wherein one constantly experiences persistent feelings of nervousness and dread, usually over things that do not pose any threat.

Who can get Anxiety?

Anyone can have anxiety. Although it is normal to worry now and then, recurring and excessive episodes may be a sign of something serious and may require anxiety treatment.

Do I Have Anxiety?

Anxiety comes in different forms and can arise from a variety of factors and circumstances. If you think you are suffering from it, do not hesitate to seek treatment for anxiety. Listed below are some of the most common types of anxiety and their symptoms:

How is Anxiety Different from Fear?

While both are often associated with one another, fear and anxiety are very different. Fear is a response to a real and particular danger while anxiety is caused by generally unknown factors. In some cases, anxiety may stem from fear.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Also known as GAD, General Anxiety Disorder is accompanied by a constant state of dread that can adversely impact daily life. Contrary to usual worrying, GAD can last for months and even years. You might be suffering from GAD if you continually experience the following symptoms:

Excessive and uncontrollable worrying
Inability to concentrate
Headaches or random and unexplained body pains

Panic Disorder

Often characterized by panic attacks, panic disorders involve sudden and periodic bouts of distress, discomfort, and heightened fear. People with panic disorders tend to worry about potential attacks and proactively seek ways to avoid triggers (things or situations they associate with panic attacks). Signs of a panic attack include:

Trembling or tingling sensations
Feelings of impending doom
Chest pain
Cold sweat
Rapid heartbeat
Feelings of being out of control

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety is often typified by a constant feeling of being watched and judged by others. Those suffering from social anxiety disorder may find social gatherings moderately or intensely distressing and could affect daily activities such as going to work or school. You may be suffering from this disorder if you regularly experience the following symptoms in social situations:

Upset stomach
Rapid or irregular heartbeat
Extreme self-consciousness
Excessive sweating
Feelings of being on-edge
Speaking with an unusual tone of voice
Inability to make eye contact with others
Uncontrollable blushing or trembling

Phobia-Related Disorders

There are different types of phobia-related disorders, but they are all characterized by an intense fear of specific things (events, situations, objects, or people). Generally, people with phobias tend to experience the following:

Unreasonable and excessive worrying
Actively trying to avoid their fears
Intense distress when encountering their fears

Other forms of phobia-related disorders include:

Specific or Simple Phobias (Fear of specific things such as blood, animals, or heights)
Separation Anxiety (Fear of being away from people they are close to)
Agoraphobia (Fear of large spaces or public situations)
Social Phobia (Similar to Social Anxiety)

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