Understanding Depression: Causes, Common Symptoms, and Depression Treatment

Depression (also known as Major Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, or Clinical Depression) is a mental health condition that exceeds usual feelings of sadness or emptiness.

It can negatively interfere with a person’s overall well-being by affecting their emotions, thoughts, and daily activities.

Seeking immediate depression treatment is advised if you or your loved ones are experiencing its symptoms.

Who can suffer from Depression?

One thing about depression is that it does not discriminate. No matter your age, gender, race, or background, you may be at risk of suffering from it. Although we cannot exactly pinpoint the root cause of depression we can trace it back to various biological, psychological, and environmental factors that may trigger its development. These factors may include:


Traumatic Life Events or Experiences

Chronic Illness


Brain Chemistry

Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Worried about Depression?
Are you experiencing any of these Symptoms?

Recognizing the symptoms of depression from the onset is vital to treatment. Early intervention will increase the chances of recovery and the improvement of quality of life. Listed below are the usual signs and symptoms of depression you need to look out for:

Frequent and lasting feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, or anxiety

Enduring loss of interest in hobbies or daily activities

Restlessness or irritability that does not subside

Persistent feelings of worthlessness

Fatigue or physical and mental exhaustion

Changes in eating habits

Unexpected weight gain or weight loss

Oversleeping or Undersleepin

Inability to concentrate, remember important information, or make decisions

Physical aches and pains or digestive problems that do not have a clear physical cause and do not go away with treatment

Suicidal thoughts or self-harm

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When Should I Seek
Treatment for Depression?

Treatment for depression is highly encouraged if you or your loved ones are exhibiting symptoms. At THIRA Health, we believe in compassionate depression treatment. We understand the challenges of depression. By bringing together our holistic inpatient depression treatment programs with a team of dedicated mental health professionals, we provide personalized support to help you on your healing journey.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses a range of evidence-based therapies. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy sits at the core of THIRA’s approach to creating a life worth living. Individual and group therapy sessions, coordinated with creative and individualized person-centered therapeutic interventions such as yoga, expressive arts, mindful movement, and other counseling strategies – support the practice of and incorporation of skills into everyday actions, words, and outcomes. These evidence-based methods serve to facilitate a thorough understanding of our clients in order to better cater to their specific needs and tailor their treatment plans to effectively address their condition. Our intensive depression treatment programs also cater to a wider demographic, including teen depression treatment. By immersing them in a supportive and nurturing environment, we empower our clients and help them every step of the way toward recovery.

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