We're moving!

Patients and Families,

You may have heard that THIRA Health is moving at the end of this month to a new location in Bellevue. We will open our new location on Monday, May 2nd.

The address of the new facility is:
11400 SE 6th Street
Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98004

Why is THIRA moving?
We are making this move for several reasons.

  • We currently reside across four floors, which at times creates less than ideal conditions for patient and staff movement.
  • We want to expand our treatment areas, something we cannot do at our current location.
    The new location allows us to provide all of our services on one floor.
  • It has ample free parking for patients or those dropping off and picking up patients.
  • Our current building at 108th Street is scheduled to be torn down, so a move was inevitable.

When is the move?
The relocation is scheduled to occur over the weekend beginning Friday, April 29th and will conclude on Sunday, May 1st.

What happens to patient programming?
All PHP patients will have virtual programming for three days ahead of the start date at the new location. THIRA staff will provide all patients with the necessary technical details about virtual programming during the week leading up to the move.

The days for virtual programming are:

• Friday, April 29th
• Saturday, April 30th
• Sunday, May 1st

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hours will be normal THIRA hours. Monday, May 2nd will be the first day at the new location.

  • The start time will be pushed back one hour to 9:30 am to allow staff some extra time to get settled before patients arrive.
  • The 9:30 start also allows patients additional time to find the new location.

We will have staff in the parking lot and inside the entrance to guide patients and answer questions.

What is the new facility like?
The new location is at the Brookside Business Park in Bellevue. It is slightly larger than our current space, though instead of being spread across four floors we will be occupying the entire second floor of the building. There is convenient elevator access from the ground level. 

Accompanying this information sheet is a map to the new location, some photos of the exterior, and a floorplan of the interior of the new space so you can have a clear understanding of the layout.